NZT Anyone?

The past 6 months have been amazing for me, not only with life and career but with my learning. There is this new show on TV called Limitless and it kind of rivals how I’ve felt the past few months consistently all day long. I notice that now where I go to bed at 11pm I wake up at 5 am fully rested (no more 30 minutes startup required I wake up alert like a freaking person who just drank a redbull), I take about 9 of them now including the two new ones, Yerba Mate and Bacopa Monnieri. I’m always energized, I’m alert and focused all day long, haven’t had 3 pm crashed in months. On days when I workout and take my 10 gram BCAA’s during my workouts that my muscles heal way faster since taking Yerba Mate.

I’m also learning a great deal and more quickly but more importantly retaining it. As many know Cisco and VMware as repetition skills, if you don’t use them you lose them, however I have noticed I’m able ot recall them much quicker. What odd though is lately I’m having dreams about switches and routers like are the circuit board level, like I’m actually in them like living a dream in Tron land but this one of the side affects of DMAE especially if you take 4 hours before bedtime. DMAE is the one thing in your brain that controls dreams.

On a plus side I’m always not burnt out at all, sometimes in the past my brain felt like it needed to recharge after studying right now I feel like I can’t learn enough kind ofl ike these nootropic opened up new memory banks in my brain. These nootropics have been shown to fire and make new nerotransmitters in the brain thus allows for new information to be stored and I’m starting to feel those effects. You know how after a while your reading and you feel like your brain is in overload and you to take a break? … I don’t have those anymore, my biggest problem is I can’t learn enough in one day…but the next day I still retain it and I love it…**** I can remember everything of what I did on every day up to 3 weeks ago…never before could I do that…

I never imagined these nootrpics would make me this way, do I feel smarter kind of but more like in a overall way. like every manner of existence is increased, no more brain fog, my mood is balanced, conversation is relaxed, words in conversation is more deep and richer vocabulary words that I’m like wtf did I just say….

The nootropics I take I’ve done a ton of research on and moved the dosages around to find my right mixture:

I take these amounts twice a day with a light carb like an apple or yogurt.

1. 2 x 600 MG Omega 3 lemon-flavored fish oil.

2. 1 x 100 MG Phosphatidyl Serine

3. 2 x 588 MG Acetyl L-Carnitine

4. 3 x 600 mg Alpha Lipoic Acid – the only acid that will penetrate the membrane of the brain, Omega 3 and all non/essentail amino acids bond to Lipoic Acid thus allow entry into brain

5. 1 x 10 MG Vinpocentine

6. 1 x 100 MCG Huperzine

7. 1 x 650 MG DMAE

8. 1 x 600 MG Bacopa Monnieri

9. 2 x 600 MG Yerba Mate

These all balance the other out and my level of focus, clarity, concentration, short term learning, and energy are thru the roof. I no longer have 3 pm crashes and I always ready for more studies. DMAE will make dreams more vivid, some can be scary, but you need way less sleep too cause these nootropics make your brain work more efficiently.

Huperzine and Vicocentine allows thoughts to be more rapidly moved from short-term memory to long-term memory and thus allows for more studying to be absorbed. Bacopa Monnieri works by pushing thoughts from short memory into long-term memory and pushing it to new memory banks.

Omega 3 is found in the largest quantity in the brain, and it’s the one acid that is used in the formation of cells after learning something, a good thing is if you have excess Omega 3 in your body your body produces less cortisol and thus your tummy shrinks in a matter of weeks (of course on top of proper hydration and eating)….

I also drink 8 oz of Xtend BCAA’s twice a day to rebuilt muscles after working out and the BCAA’s are also critical cause L-Glucatimine is a amino acid used with the nootropics above to amplify learning.

do some google searches on these name above on the “benefits of ______” and read for yourself. I’ve been taking them for 3 months and the benefits keep getting better and better, no side affects, unless you think scary dreams from DMAE are a side effect. Remember most of these are already found in the body, especially after rest (they are produced when you sleep), but since we all study allot we use it up quicker and hence after a while we lose focus…… with these I can’t lose focus!!!!

I can only imagine what another 6 months will bring. 🙂