From time to time, since I’m always playing around with Group Policy I like to check GPO’s to see which one is winning the election and just to make sure they are running correctly.

One of the simplest tools I use is Command Prompt and running the “gpresult” command.


The best way to doing it, is to go to start and type in the search bar: “cmd”, then right clicking on “cmd” and clicking copy. Then making a new folder on the desktop and calling it whatever or simply “GPO Results for Local PC” and then pasting the “cmd” into the folder.

Then you double click on the “cmd” in the folder and type this command:


“gpresult /h localGPOPolicy.html”- Press Enter after you enter the command


NOTE: You can make the extension a .txt too. You let it do it’s thing and once it’s finished it will generate the results of the GPO’s on the local PC into the format extension specified.

I prefer html since opening it up in a web browser makes it looks presentable, it will show which GPO wins and what settings are being applied.

I’ve found this to be very helpful for me in my day to day administration and perhaps it will be useful to others. 🙂