So I went to my 1st VMUG User Group Conference and I must say it was sooo much fun. I meet about 20 people I really talked with at-length and we exchanged information and I made a few local friends. It was great hearing from others how they do things and I really enjoyed the day. I got to meet Tim Antonowicz, whom is basically the father of Site Recovery Manager and it was really neat talking to him at length about it.

I was asked at the end of the night after talking with the VMUG leader’s if next year I wanted to speak and I said SURE, so I’m going to speak next year. I can’t wait.

I starting talking today with a couple of my contacts and we could talk for hours about VMware, I can see this conference being a regular thing for me.


Here are some pictures of the event, I should have taken more but I was so much into ‘nerd land’ I didn’t think about it till the end /failboat /facepalm

















































































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