Windows/Cyber Security: Session Inactivity and Auto-logoff Policy


One things that always seems difficult for me is getting users to log off after they walk away. This is really a big problem for customers that are HIPPA compliant who need to have their sessions closed after being inactive for a set period of time like 60 seconds as an example.

Here is where you will find the settings in a Group Policy:

Computer Configuration/Policies/Administrative Templates/Lithnet/Idlelogoff

Example Settings:

  • Idle timeout (minutes) – 2
  • Ignore Sleep prevention – Enabled
  • Action – Log off

There you go, a once hard task made simple.

Here is the official link for the project:

Below is a .zip file of the .msi file, as found on the link above, needed to inject the ADMX command settings into Group Policy Management:

Download Me

I hope this will be useful for someone and that it helps them out.