Windows/Networking: So called ‘Rogue DHCP’ can cause all your wonderful new-domain-in-series-with-old-domain plans to go up in smoke! … or you can do this!

Created: 1/9/20

Updated: 1/9/20

When you have created the vlans on the network switches, created OSPF, make the trunks between all of the IDF’s back to the MDF’s and then made the trunk to the Core’s, then made the trunks from the Core’s into the ToR swiches and then made the trunks into ESXi. Setup the vSS’s configuration, then created the vPG’s with a 4095 tag then added two vmnics to each VM and inside of Server 2019 you created a Nic Team with the associated vlan subinterfaces only to find that DHCP is not giving you an IP address…I want to do this:

Then I dig through Event Viewer and see cause I’m on a 2008 R2 domain with an active DHCP that I see this error message about a rogue DHCP Server. Ya well I don’t give a crap; I know it’s there. I want to make a parrellel domain you bastard give me my IP ADDRESSS!~ $T%#^^^#^$#^$#^$#^$#^#$


create a DWORD called “DisableRogueDetection” and assign a value of 1.

Pleased to say, now I got my IP address after a:

shutdown.exe /r /t 0


PS: I’m sure you won’t forget this but a few fun tips:

  1. Don’t forget your ‘IP Helper Address’ command on your switches
  2. Check to make sure your OSPF Full/DR is the right switch; check your ‘ip ospf priority’ weighted values
  3. Make sure your uplinks between switches are trunks and not access modes
  4. Check to make sure your vPG’s inside of VMware are set to 4095 and not to the vlan tag of your vlans; you define vlag tags in Windows Nic Teams. Google “VMware VGT”
  5. Make sure you set the Windows Team to Address Hash and Switch Independent and be sure you add the sub-interfaces for the vlan tags
  6. Check to make sure your DHCP binding are correct
  7. Ensure your DNS is set to the proper dynamic variations “Secure Only” vs “nonsecure and secure”
  8. Make sure your Windows Firewalls are configured or disabled outright; or you’ll scratch your head why you can ping but can’t ping inward
  9. Be thankful this wiki is here so you can be rest assured I’ve forgotten stuff too and this is why this is here. 😉