VMware: Setting up the NSX manager from CLI


Hey all,

I wanted to setup the VMware NSX manager from the command line. So instead of doing it will the preconfigured way, I wanted to get deep in the trenches and just left all the IP information blank and let it acquire DHCP from the DFGW (note all I added was the DFGW), never know might be an exam question.

I’ll do this step by step:

  1. open up the console, I prefer VMRC.
  2. enter in the login: “admin”
  3. enter in your password: “user defined”
  4. type “enable”, enter in enable password: ” user defined”
  5. type “show running-config”
  6. find the line called “interface mgmt” and note the ip address.
  7. type “configure t”
  8. type “interface mgmt”
  9. type “no ip address [current dhcp ip]/mask”, it will say “OK”
  10. type “ip address [static ip]/mask, it will say “stopping the web manager…” and then it will say “OK”…followed by “starting the web manager”
  11. type “exit” twice, and then type “write mem” to save the configuration.

Then after all is said and done log into the appliance via “https://[static ip]” and setup the rest of the networking information like NTP, local DNS, hostname,  syslog, SSL cert (if you have one), and lastly add in the information for vCenter. Other than that I suppose you could do a backup, but other than this I hardly ever come in here…

Hope this helps someone. 🙂