Windows Vista/7: Trust relationship between workstation and domain fails

Sometimes I have an issue with workstation losing their trust with Windows and thus preventing them from connecting/logging into the domain. This issue is caused by the computer machine’s account having the incorrect role or its password has become mismatched with that of the domain database. Basically you need to leave the domain your connected too, join a workgroup domain, reboot the PC/Server and re-join the network. However in normal fashion I’m going to go step-by-step below how to fix this problem.

1. login locally as a domain administrator with the network disconnected (unplug LAN) – this will allow the use of cached credentials.

2. Reset the local administrator password.

3. log off and on as the local administrator.

4. Disjoin the domain. (change to a “WORKGROUP” domain)

5. Restart as prompted.

6. Log in as the local administrator.

7. Rejoin the domain.

8. The PC will now be able to login to the domain.