Windows: Setting up Network Settings, Change Hostname, Join a Domain, and enable Remote Access in Server Core in Server 2012

Added: 8/1/17

Updated: 8/1/17

Hey all,

So in my pursuit to take a snap at learning Windows Server 2012 Server Core, the part of Windows allot of people fear I’ve decided to take on the challenge. What many people get scared about is, fuck I only have command prompt I can’t manage this server in Server Core. Yes, you can’t directly manage it, but you can manage it remotely with Remote Server and that’s way better cause it’s more secure. 🙂

So here is some useful commands and this goes over things step-by-step. 😀

The Easy Way

  1. type ‘sconfig’ in command prompt to setup all of the things you need to manage the server.

The Hard Way

Configure IP address

  1. type the following in command prompt:
  2. netsh interface ip show interface
  3. netsh interface ip set address “ethernet0” static [desired ip address] [subnet mask] [gateway]
  4. ipconfig — to confirm the address has been set

Configure DNS

  1. type the following in command prompt:
  2. netsh interface ip set dns “ethernet0” static [dns server ip address] primary

Configure Hostname

  1. type the following in command prompt:
  2. netdom renamecomputer [old server name] /newname:[new server name]

Join Domain

  1. type the following in command prompt:
  2. netdom join /d:[domain name] [computer name] /ou:ou=[OU of Servers as an example], dc=[domain name], dc=[extension like google.COM or .NET]
  3. shutdown -r -t 0 ——– quick reboot since a reboot is needed to complete join

Enabling Remote Management thru PowerShell

  1. type powershell
  2. Enable-PSRemoting
  3. winrm quickconfig
  4. exit to return to command prompt
  5. netsh firewall set service type=remoteadmin mode=enable
  6. netsh advfirewall firewall set rule group=”remote administrator” new enable=yes
  7. winrm qc —just to be sure the service is running

Adding the server to Trusted Hosts List

  1. type powershell in command prompt
  2. set-item wsman:\localhost\client\trustedhosts -value “servernameaddedhere”
  3. press Y to conform
  4. set-item wsman:\localhost\client\trustedhosts —- to confirm the host has been added to the trusted hosts list


So there you go, these steps will get you all setup in Windows Server 2012 Server Core. As I work with this core more I’ll add to this list. I hope this helps others as it took me a while to search all of this and put it together myself. 🙂