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CompTIA Storage + Passed! 0

CompTIA Storage + Passed!

Took the CompTIA Storage + exam on Saturday and passed, it was a pretty straightforward exam, I enjoyed it quite a bit. The study prep for it was also nice to learn, learned a...

VMware vExpert 2015!!!! 0

VMware vExpert 2015!!!!

I got the VMware vExper 2015 award for being an active member of the VMware community. Looking forward to offer whatever I can to people that have questions as always with a helpful and...

Monthly Update: May 2015 0

Monthly Update: May 2015

6/3/15 So I’m going to do something new for my blog and that is to at-least make monthly updates to my progression for the month. This month has been busy I’ve been studying like...

VCP5-DCV in the bag…. 0

VCP5-DCV in the bag….

Whelp it was a long study but after 5 months of study I’ve completed the VCP5-DCV course study and passed the exam on January 5th 2015. Since taking the ICM class at Stanly College...

Trevor’s Personal Blog 0

Trevor’s Personal Blog

Welcome! I figured since I like posting my labs and all I figured I’d make a blog for my VMware/Cisco/Microsoft Pursuit. – Right now the blog is being updated as I move along in...